Eleventh ESNOG/GORE meeting at CESCA

The eleventh Grupo de Operadores de Red Españoles (ESNOG) edition, held in May 21st at former CESCA's facilities, has engaged the participation of 31 attendees. Among the speakers from that session, the APNIC researcher George Michaelson became relevant explaining the measures that his team uses in DNSSEC on clients, as well as the evolution of the double colon applications (Happy Eyeballs). This is, the IPv4 and IPv6.

ESNOG is an open forum whose aim is to pur telecommunication operators, academic nets and service suppliers all together in order to share experiences and exchange their konwledge.

Apart from George Michaelson, also Jordi Iparraguirre, from ISOC-CAT, has collaborated with GORE11. Iparraguirre has talked about Top Level Domain (TLD) of a cultural nature. João Damas, from Bond IS, ISC, and Juan Pedro Cerezo, from BT, have contributed to the meeting with a DNS workshop and an explanation about how to prevent the service from becoming a mass destruction tool. The talks have also counted on Fernando Garcia’s participation, from Tecnocom, and whose exposition treated the 3G and 4G. Finally, Borja Marcos, from Sarenet, commented the possibilities of cooperative bots detection.

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