Cookies policy

We use cookies on our website. In case you continue browsing with your browse configured to accept cookies, we will understand that you accept the installation of them as detailed in the Cookies Policy.

Basic information on cookies


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on a visitor’s computer, from which you have access to our website. They can store user’s identification and sites visited. When the user (you in this case) returns to the website, cookies are read to identify the user and restore preferences and navigation settings. If a user does not accept the use of cookies, some services or functionalities from the website might not be available.

What do they do?

Cookies do not identify anyone personally and do not pose any risk to your computer or mobile device. They are not viruses or spyware. Cookies are tools used by the website that you are visiting to improve user experience.


How to set / disable cookies

Browsers generally allow cookies by default. When you browse you are accepting the use of cookies. However, you decide whether you navigate with or without cookies, since preferences can be modified any time. You can find more information on how to do it at:


Identification of used cookies

Cookies used on this website are the ones used by the Elementor WordPress Page Builder.

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