Route servers

CATNIX offers three route servers to facilitate the exchange of routes to the IXP. Route servers simplify the exchange of routing information among members and speed up the interconnection process for new members.

Through a single BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) session with route servers, routes can be exchanged with all participating members, eliminating the need to establish direct peerings among members. Furthermore, it is also possible to use sessions with route servers as redundancy mechanisms for bilateral peering.

The Autonomous System (AS) of the CATNIX route servers is AS60082.

Peering sessions with route servers can be signalled by communities for each participant. The list of BGP communities allows CATNIX members to control the redistribution of their advertisements or to add content to their prefix routes.

The list of BGP communities offered by CATNIX is:

Community (RFC 1997)
BGP Extended
Community (RFC 4360)
BGP Large Community
(RFC 8092)
No export65535:65281rt:65281:peer_as65535:65281:peer_as
No advertise65535:65282rt:65282:peer_as65535:65282:peer_as
No advertise to anybody0:60082rt:0:6008260082:0:0
No advertise to anybody0:peer_asrt:0:peer_as60082:0:peer_as
Advertise to a peer60082:client_asnrt:60082:client_asn60082:1:client_asn
Prepend to a peer65511:peer_asrt:65511:peer_as60082:101:peer_as
2 prepends to a peer65512:peer_asrt:65512:peer_as60082:102:peer_as
3 prepends to a peer65513:peer_asrt:65513:peer_as60082:103:peer_as
Prepend to all65501:60082rt:65501:6008260082:101:0
2 prepends to all65502:60082rt:65502:6008260082:102:0
3 prepends to all65503:60082rt:65503:6008260082:103:0

Service infrastructure is totally independent. One of our route servers is based on BIRD software, having the following addressing:

  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2001:7f8:2a:0:1:1:6:0082/48

The other is a physical router, Cisco ISR 4431/K9, having the following addressing:

  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2001:7f8:2a:0:1:2:6:0082/48

The new route server is based in a virtual server with GoBGPd software, having the following adressing:

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