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Benefits of connecting

Peering increases network reliability, reduces latency and improves final user’s experience. Peering locally keeps traffic from leaving the local environment. Through traffic connections, data follows diverse paths in the Internet and, if there is packet loss or increased latency, the data providers suffer from cuts and incidents. In other words, keeping local traffic local increases reliability and reduces the distance that data have to navigate.

Infrastructure costs are reduced, since with a single connection to the IXP users can access to multiple networks from different providers, without having to dedicate any interface or equipment, and without having to reach the three points of presence (PoP)  that CATNIX has in Barcelona.

Transit costs are also reduced, as all the local traffic must not be routed through international transit connections.

The more local exchange, the more routes and proximity between content and users. The result of this is a more efficient and faster Internet. Avoiding congested routes is the key that guarantees efficiency in the IXP.

CATNIX provides a congestion audit mechanism to detect the links that exceed certain usage thresholds and act jointly with its members. Thus, links are upgraded before a possible congestion affects the quality of peering among IXP participants.

Being part of an IXP allows the diversification of connections and to reduce dependence on third parties by giving resilience to the network.

Thanks to the knowledge of the local market, being part of CATNIX will allow you to develop and/or strengthen relationships with the business network and the educational and research community of Catalonia.

CATNIX looks over an up-to-date peering platform, as well as the hardware and software on which the rest of the services are offered (DNS servers, speed tests, Looking-Glass, route-servers…).

CATNIX has a team of highly trained professionals to advise and resolve any query or incident as quickly as possible. Proximity to the local market and speed of action are the values that define us.

CATNIX. Punt neutre de connexió a internet de Catalunya