NTP server

CATNIX has two NTP (Network Time Protocol) Meinberg time servers. The NTP is used for time synchronization of devices.

CATNIX NTP servers are in Campus Nord and Equinix. The primary is located at Equinix, whereas the backup is in Campus Nord. Both use different internet outputs and in case of failure to one of the links or servers, the other is used.

These are high precision timing devices. Following the hierarchical system of time sources used by NTP, the two Meinberg of CATNIX act as Stratum 0/1, where 0 is the reference clock, and are synchronized with the satellites to which they have visibility at any moment (between 3 and 8).

The entities connected to CATNIX can synchronize their NTP (Stratum 2) servers, from which they synchronize all their devices.

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