My portal

My portal is the private space for those entities connected to CATNIX, an intranet that allows IXP members to access to services and further information.

Entities connected to CATNIX have a portal with traffic statistics for each participant’s port, cyclic redundancy faults (CRC) and collisions.

As an entity connected to CATNIX, the IXP offers the possibility to consult at real time the status of all connections. The panel provides information about the traffic between the three CATNIX nodes, as well as the traffic of each switch port with the percentage of online occupancy.

CATNIX provides participating members with a peering matrix that visually shows traffic exchange between members.

The tool is based on sampled flow (sFlow) data, a packet display technology included in CATNIX switching platforms. Granularity to show all the exchanges, only the bilateral ones or those performed through route servers, via IPv4 and IPv6.

By means of a web platform or via e-mail, CATNIX participants can track queries and incidents related to the IXP and check the record of enquiries. This support tool is built on the Atlassian Service Desk platform.

CATNIX. Punt neutre de connexió a internet de Catalunya