Conferència Frank

Presentation on NaWas, the DDoS protection service

Frank Dupker of the Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers (NBIP) spoke on June 30 about “NaWas: the intelligent DDoS Scrubbing Center”, in a talk prior to the 48th CATNIX Technical Commission meeting.

During the presentation, Dupker explained in detail how NaWas, a center that provides full-service, on-demand protection against DDoS attacks for operators and ISP in Europe, can be useful for CATNIX members to detect these types of malicious attacks.

NaWas is a non-profit organization, based in The Netherlands and operating since 2014, that provides to connected members with 24/7 automated mitigation of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. To do this, NaWas separates polluted traffic from clean traffic on the internet, routing clean traffic to members through separate VLANs. By neutralizing these DDoS attacks, NaWas ensures uninterrupted availability of systems and services for its members, while reducing mitigation costs and learning to better recognize these attacks.

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