New RIPE Route Collector available at CATNIX

Since the beginning of November a new RIPE Route Collector node, from RIPE RIS Service, is available at CATNIX.

RIPE Routing Information Service (RIS) is a useful tool to identify rounting modifications. It allows users to see and download historical data and follow-up those changes to solve routing problems, draw maps of connectivity, monitor prefixes, etc. Data, opened to the community, is also useful for academic research.

RIPE RIS, established in 2001, collects and stores Internet routing data from several locations around the globe, now also at CATNIX, and provides this data to tools such as RIPEstat or BGPlay.

At this time, RIS has more than 600 peers at 18 different Internet exchanges. To make the most of this service, CATNIX members can peer with the Remote Route Collector selecting ‘CATNIX (RRC18)’ in the form enabled by RIPE. You can find more information here.

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