New CATNIX speed test is running

The new version of CATNIX speed test is now available on its website and CSUC's one. The service allows users to measure the quality of internet connection in an easy way, providing both upload and download speeds in megabits per second (Mbps) and the latency in milliseconds (ms). It also gives information on the provider and a graph showing the evolution of the test.

Both the software version and the hosting server have been updated on this occasion. The new server has now increased in memory, disk capacity and CPUs, as well as it incorporates interfaces of 10 Gbps. With regard to the new software, it is remarkable the possibility of connecting via HTTPS and HTTP.

CATNIX speed test has been developed by Ookla, a North-American based company. As such, this test is integrated into Ookla’s network of speed tests. Compared to others, CATNIX speed test offers independence from the operator that provides the internet connection, is located at the neutral point and provides a minimum latency.

CATNIX members can include the speed test on their website by applying for it at and including an iframe.

CATNIX. Punt neutre de connexió a internet de Catalunya