J root server and ‘.com’ and ‘.net’ TLDs have been updated

J root server freplica and .com and .net Top Level Domains (TLDs) have been updated at the Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange Point (CATNIX). From having four SunFire X2200 servers and two Cisco 3825 routers, now a HP DL360p Gen8 is available, allowing a latency decrease of about 1.22 ms, being thus at 1 ms of any CATNIX member.

As J root server and .com and .net TLDs are all of them physically close replicas, response time to a DNS query is improved. Indeed, by minimizing the global impact in case of DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service), security is also enhanced.

Verisign, digital infrastructure services provider, operates the authoritative records .com and .net domains, as well as the two root servers A and J. Verisign has deployed several replicas within the RIRS (Regional Internet Resolution Sites) program context to improve the availability of these domains. Such an action is a continuity of the Titan project, started in 2007, whose aim is to diversify systems, increase stability and improve the speed in resolving names for final users.

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