Anella Científica upgrades its speed connection

The Anella Científica has upgraded its speed connection from 2 Gbps to 10 Gbps. In so doing, data traffic increases in this point of the Catalan territory.

Hurricane Electric (HE) has been the first institution connected at 10 Gbps. HE is an internet services provider operating the largest IPv6 backbone in the world and the third in IPv4, measured by number of networks connected. The Anella Científica, connected at 2 Gbps since April 2014, has now become the second member in upgrading its speed connection at 10 Gbps.

The Anella Científica is a high-speed telecommunications network created in 1993 and managed by CSUC. Nowadays, it connects 81 institutions related to the R&D world such as universities, research centers or hospitals. A total of 84 institutions are affiliated to this network.

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