Presentation of RIPE services previous talk to the CT-CATNIX

RIPE NCC presents its services in a previous talk to the CATNIX Technical Commission

Agustín Formoso and Michela Galante, from RIPE NCC, spoke about RIS and RIPE Atlas Data, platforms based on data measurement and data collection, prior to the 46th meeting of the CATNIX Technical Commission, held last Friday July the 1st.

The first presentation, by Michela Galante, focused on the RIS service (Routing Information Service), a platform for collecting data on BGP, a protocol through which traffic between Internet networks is routed. Michela has highlighted the importance of collecting this data to achieve more visibility and, this way, obtain greater security and less risk of possible BGP hijacking.

Afterwards, Michela, together with Agustín Formoso, continued with a presentation on RIPE Atlas, a global measurement platform. The aim of this has been to briefly introduce the platform and its operation. Agustín emphasized the prototypes based on RIPE Atlas Data, one of them, IXP Country Jedi, a platform with which they carry out mediations and visualizations.

The purpose of these presentations has been to finally be able to establish a discussion with the participants, where to discuss the use cases of the users, and what type of data or representations would best help them to reach the information they are looking for.

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