NTP Server has been updated

NTP server at the Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange (CATNIX) has been updated. In particular, a new NTP server has been installed at CATNIX's facilities located at Campus Nord (CSUC-CN). The new server, a Meinberg Lantime M300/GPS, has a high stability TCXO oscillator, GPS receiver with an internal GPS card to simultaneously get synchronized with the satellites to which it has visibility at any moment (between 3 and 8), and anti-lightning protection.

Indeed, its receiver antenna, which combines a planar receiver and a frecuency converter, has also been updated. The frequency converter transforms the high-frequency modulated signal in the GPS system phase into an intermediate frequency, which, in turn, is sent to the NTP server through a coaxial cable.

Compared to the former NTP server, a Lantime/GPS/xHS, also from Meinberg, the new one has more available capacity for queries and higher robustness to protect it against NTP amplification attacks.

NTP servers help to keep accurate time synchronization within all net devices and computer operating systems. It thus guarantees the smooth running of all applications and it allows machine’s records to be consistent.

CATNIX has NTP servers in each of its sites, the aforementioned in Campus Nord (CSUC-CN) (; and Telvent (CSUC-T) (, with totally independent connections.

For CATNIX members, NTP server in Telvent acts as a primary server, whereas the one in Campus Nord, which has been updated, acts as a backup.

CSUC-T NTP server is accessible via Orange, whereas CSUC-CN is accessible via RedIRIS. In case of problemes in one of them, you can use the other one.

NTP is based on a hierarchy server design. These servers are often integrated in as Stratums, where 0 is the highest level and provides the time, an each hierarchy level indicates the distance from the reference clock, the 0. Stratum changes do not imply reliability losses. Both CSUC-T (primary) and CSUC-CN (backup) NTP servers are Stratum 0/1, since they behave not only as a clock reference but also as Stratum 1.

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