CATNIX drops its tariffs in 2019

Coinciding with the New Year's, the existing rates at the Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange Point (CATNIX) have been modified.

Thus, 1 Gbps connection rate goes from 300 € to 200 €, and connection at 10 Gbps goes from 700 € to 650 €.

Indeed, and on occasion of the 20th anniversary of CATNIX, this 2019 the registration fee for new users will be cancelled.

The following table shows the tariffs for both data and voice interconnection:

  2018 2019
Connection fee
1.954,60 0,00
Monthly quota of operation and maintenance 1 Gbps 300,00 200,00
Monthly quota of operation and maintenance 10 Gbps 700,00 650,00
Monthly quota of operation and maintenance 100 Gbps 3.900,00 3.900,00
VLAN activation quota
118,88 118,88
Monthly quota per rack unit
34,09 34,09

CATNIX members may have additional ports at the same site up to 30% discount in the operation rate.

At CSUC facilities (Annexus building), the operation and maintenance rate entitles 4 slots. Additional slots are billed apart, with a discount of (N-8)% from the 9th contracted slot.

CATNIX. Punt neutre de connexió a internet de Catalunya