Seu de Netskope

Netskope, new member at CATNIX

The security provider Netskope has connected at the beginning of July to the Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange (CATNIX) at 10 Gbps. Has done it to one of the three locations (PoP) that CATNIX has in Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

Netskope is a company that is redefining cloud, data, and network security to help organizations apply zero-trust principles and thus protect data. Netskope’s platform provides optimized access and zero-trust security for people, devices, and data wherever they are. Netskope reduces risk, accelerates performance, and provides visibility into any cloud, web, and private application activity that organizations use.

With Netskope there are now 42 connected entities to the Catalan IXP and 52 autonomous systems.

CATNIX. Punt neutre de connexió a internet de Catalunya