What PeeringDB is and how it works?

On november 25 CSUC held a conference on PeeringDB, in which Maria Isabel Gandia, CSUC’s Communications Manager, and on behalf of Arnold Nipper, one of the PeeringDB directors, explained what this PeeringDB contains, how to register and how to use it. Indeed, she showed its performance and the changes linked to switching to PeeringDB 2.0.

PeeringDB is an open and free database that offers information related to peering in a centralized and updated way. Initially created by Richard Steenbergen, it has recently been updated to refresh its image, its database, and it also includes APIs for an easy offline use.

There is an organization in charge of keeping the PeeringDB updated and making decisions on its design and updates. A group of selected people between volunteers form this organization. The PeeringDB contains information about peering and contact network, traffic exchange points and other related facilities.

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