New Slack platform

New communication space for CATNIX

A communication workspace has been created in the Slack platform for the CATNIX community, where you can discuss CATNIX-related topics, contact us or contact other members. The space allows the creation of IRC-type chat channels or rooms differentiated by topic, as well as private groups and direct messages.

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The third route-server at CATNIX

The third route-server at CATNIX is now available

CATNIX has set up a third route-server to facilitate new members a quick start when they connect to the internet exchange, added to the possibility of having bidirectional BGP peering sessions. The route-server allows CATNIX members to modify its behaviour via communities. For instance, a member can decide whether it accepts all the routes of the route-server or just a subset.

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CATNIX updates J-root DNS server

The Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange (CATNIX) has updated the replica of J root DNS server, managed by VeriSign Inc. The new server is a Dell PowerEdge R640, which apart from the J-root replica, it also includes .com and .net replicas.

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