Maria Isabel Gandia at the 85th RIPE Meeting

Maria Isabel Gandia, ambassador of Euro-IX at the 85th RIPE Meeting

Maria Isabel Gandia, Head of Communications at CSUC and member of the Euro-IX Board, from which she has recently been re-elected, has presented the main Euro-IX updates at the 85th RIPE Meeting, held in Belgrade (Serbia) from October 24 to 28.

The RIPE Network Coordination Center organizes, twice a year, meetings like this to bring together Internet service providers, network operators and other interested parties to participate in discussions and sessions around the policies and procedures used by RIPE. In this way, RIPE meetings build a commnity through the exchange of experiences and best practices, as well as they are an opportunity to present the latest Euro-IX updates.

Maria Isabel Gandia took part in the session from October 26th dedicated to the Connect Working Group, where she explained who the members of Euro-IX are, how to become a sponsor, the services and tools that this association provides to users, and those events organized to exchange experiences and deepen in the knowledge of the community. Gandia has also highlighted the main advances or updates that have been carried out in some of the IXPs members of Euro-IX.

The Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange (CATNIX), managed by CSUC, is a founding member of the European association of neutral points Euro-IX since its birth in 2001.

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