Google connects to CATNIX

Google has connected at 10 Gbps. The connection is done at the Itconic node, one of the three CATNIX PoPs, with Campus Nord and bitNap.

Google is a company specialized in Internet-related products and services, software, electronic devices and other technologies. Although its main product is the search engine named the same as the company, Google offers many other products and services. These include email, a map and geolocation service, a video and other utilities website, and a social network. On the other hand, Google leads the development of the Linux-based operating system, Android devices, TVs, cars and augmented reality glasses.

Having more than one million servers and datacenters worldwide, Google is able to process more than 1,000 million search requests daily, and its search engine is the most visited website worldwide.

With Google, CATNIX has 32 connected members.

CATNIX. Punt neutre de connexió a internet de Catalunya