CATNIX updates J-root DNS server

The Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange (CATNIX) has updated the replica of J root DNS server, managed by VeriSign Inc. The new server is a Dell PowerEdge R640, which apart from the J-root replica, it also includes .com and .net replicas.

DNS servers are one of the pillars of the internet, as they contain the information needed for the system to work. There are 13 worldwide DNS servers, of which 10 are in the United States, two in Europe and one in Japan. High concentration in a territory may lead to security and stability issues, especially regarding DDoS attacks. That is why we need replicas around the world, as the recently updated at CATNIX. When DNS does not work or access is degraded, the replica ensures the availability of the service without affecting its quality.

In addition to the J-root name server, CATNIX also makes available to its users the replicas of F, J and L root servers, as well as replicas of .com, .net, .cat and .es. For further information on DNS servers, visit this!

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