New architecture at CATNIX

CATNIX presents its new architecture at ESNOG27

Medialab Matadero Madrid hosted the 27th edition of the Spanish Network Operators Groups (ESNOG), broadcasted online and with the participation of the Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC).

The objective of the ESNOG forum is to bring together telecommunications operators, academic networks, and internet providers to share experiences, exchange technical knowledge, encourage collaboration, and talk about issues related to this profession.

ON behalf of CSUC, Maria Isabel Gandia, Head of Communications, participated at ESNOG with two presentations. In Changing the CATNIX architecture, she explained the recent upgrade of the CATNIX infrastructure and its change of architecture, which has gone from a level 2 network to a control plan based on BGP EVPN and a data map with VXLAN. Having an IP fabric between nodes increases scalability and redundancy, avoiding the problems that the use of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) could cause. In addition to the CATNIX architecture upgrade, in links between nodes CATNIX now uses the Equal Cost Multipath (ECMP) protocol, replacing the previous Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP).

You will find the video of this presentation on ESNOG’s YouTube channel.

CATNIX. Punt neutre de connexió a internet de Catalunya