New peering platform

CATNIX launches new peering platform

After the installation of the new CATNIX service equipment, the peering platform of this IXP has been updated on June 12 at the three different Points of Presence (PoP) that it has in Barcelona and the metropolitan area (Campus Nord, Equinix and bitNAP).

With this update, the interconnection between Equinix and bitNAP is at 100 Gbps, while the connection with the router reaches 200 Gbps. The connection between Campus Nord and Equinix is at 30 Gbps at the moment.

The new peering platform increases the IXP capacity, offering its members ports of greater capacity and, as usual in CATNIX, with the maximum guarantees, as these ports can go to bottom line without over-subscription. The VOQ (Virtual Output Queue) architecture allows to absorb the differences in the capacity of the members without causing packet losses and guaranteeing high quality service.

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