New CATNIX speed test is running

The new version of CATNIX speed test is now available on its website and CSUC‘s one. The service allows users to measure the quality of internet connection in an easy way, providing both upload and download speeds in megabits per second (Mbps) and the latency in milliseconds (ms). It also gives information on the provider and a graph showing the evolution of the test.

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Google upgrades its connection to CATNIX

Google has upgraded its connection to the Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange Point (CATNIX) from 10 to 20 Gbps. Google connets to the neutral internet exchange through the Equinix Itconic node, which is one of the three CATNIX sites, together with Campus Nord and bitNap.

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The Connection between Campus Nord and Equinix, upgraded to 20 Gbps

The connection between Campus Nord and Equinix at CATNIX has been upgraded from 10 Gbps to 20 Gbps. From now on, the interconnection between the two nodes consists of two links of 10 Gbps each, through different optical equipment. This modification guarantees a higher degree of redundancy. In case of an incident in one of the links, the other will continue being operational.

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New route-server at CATNIX

CATNIX has set up a new route-server to facilitate new members a quick start when they connect to the internet exchange, added to the possibility of having bidirectional BGP peering sessions. The route-server allows CATNIX members to modify its behaviour via communities. For instance, a member can decide whether it accepts all the routes of the route-server or just a subset.

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CATNIX. Punt neutre de connexió a internet de Catalunya