The Management

The Council Government of CSUC has delegated to the CATNIX Strategic Commission the management of the Catalonia Internet Exchange Point.

This Commission is formed by a representative of each one of the entities connected to the Exchange Point, the representative of the CSUC’s Government Board from the department responsible for the information society (or representative person), who acts as a President, and the Administration and Finance Director from CSUC, acting as a Secretary.

The decisions of the Committee will be made by the majority of the two thirds, except for:

  • The admission of new entities which want to join CATNIX and that will be admitted by a predefined criteria.
  • The changes in this agreement which will require the unanimity of all signatories.

The President will call this commission 15 days in advance, at least once a year and during the last quarter, in order to evaluate the service and to approve the annual quota to be paid for the next year. It can also be called when at least a third part of the entities connected to CATNIX request it.

One additional technical commission have been also created, Technical Commission of the CATNIX in 1999, to analise and debate all the topics related with the operation of the service for data. This commission are integrated by a technical representative of each entity, the  Administration and Finance Director from CSUC, who acts as a President, and the Systems & Networks Coordinator and the Communications Manager from CSUC, whose acts as a Secretaries. This commission is called by the President, and its decisions have to be confirmed by the Strategic Commission.

CSUC is responsible for the ordinary management of CATNIX, without affecting the responsabilities of this commission.