Connection requirements

New entities interested in connecting to CATNIX will be immediately admitted, providing that CSUC has verified the following administrative and technical requirements:

  1. To have an own internet connection, which means that the supplier does not get its access to internet only from its connection to CATNIX.

  2. The providers which are connected to CATNIX must have an Autonomous System (AS) registered in an Internet Regional Register (IRR) from Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and be updated with their payments.

  3. CATNIX's participants must preferably exchange its Catalan networks traffic to improve the access to local information with quality of service. Providers also may establish bilateral transit agreements among them.

  4. According to the IRR procedures each provider must register any route and autonomous system announced through CATNIX to the routing registration of the IRR at the corresponding IANA.

  5. Each provider will not have to generate innecessary routing flaps neither announce specific routes which are not strictly essential.

  6. The provider must establish the routing filters in order to assure that it only announces the routes and autonomous systems connected by itself, according to the information registered at the IRR.

  7. The route of access will be permanent and will be operative 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (except from damages done by any major causes).

  8. The protocol of routing to be used among the suppliers is BGP-4, with the maximum aggregation capacities allowed by the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR).

  9. The providers cannot execute any illegal action which might attempt against the use of CATNIX. Those doing so can be expelled.

  10. Each provider connected to CATNIX must make public the contact information about the people for the technical committee (in case of operative problems) as well as for the managing committee (for the establishment of traffic exchange agreements) to the rest of the members of CATNIX. Everyone must have an operative electronic mail address.

The non-fulfilment of any of the previous requirements could cause the rejection of a connection request or the disconnection for entities already connected.