New server

New route-server

The Catalunya Neutral Internet Exchange Point (CATNIX) has a new route-server to increase the redundancy on the service. It s is a Cisco ISR4431, located at the node that CATNIX has in bitNAP. This route-server complements the one installed in April 2018 in Campus Nord and which is based on a virtualitzed Bird platform.

The entities connected to CATNIX can now peer with the two route-servers, imporving their redundancy and, therefore, enjoying a better quality of service.

The servers facilitate the reception and advertisement of routes for new members and the establishment of peerings at CATNIX. In addition, they offer users the ability to modify the way they behave by using communities. Moreover, a member can decide whether to accept all the route-server routes or only a part of them.

The route-server can be used as backup in case of maintenance or problems with any other BGP session. In case you want to use any of the CATNIX route-servers, contact

You will find more details of the CATNIX route-servers in the services section.