Job Snijders presents at CATNIX some routing security considerations

Routing Security Considerations

On June 28, the presentation 'Routing Security Considerations' took place in the CSUC Conference Room, which was given by Job Snijders, Internet architect at NTT Communications.

The conference, which coincided with the celebration of the 40th meeting of the CATNIX Technical Commission, dealt with the best BGP practices, taking into account the importance of routing security.

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) allows any router to originate and announce any network, even when these routes do not belong to the same autonomous system (AS) of the router. This can result in route leaks or hijacking of BGP prefixes, which can be intentionally or unintentionally configured.

Existing operational practices for BGP routing and filtering need to be improved. Thus, in addition to basic filtering, filters based on public sources such as IRR, Whois and RPKI can also be built.

In this regard, RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure) is a cryptographic method of signature records that associates a BGP route announcement with its corresponding AS number.


Routing Security Considerations