What we offer / Infrastructure

The CATNIX infrastructure consists of three Arista 7280SE switches connected between them with a link of 10 Gbps and are installed in each one of the three sites (Campus Nord - CSUC-CN, Itconic - CSUC-T and bitNAP - CSUC-B) where participant entities connect their pieces of equipment. Through these switches, the members of CATNIX can do private exchanges in addition to the traffic exchange common in the internet exchange. These switches allow to create separated VLAN and dedicated circuits.


A congestion detection process is used to guarantee quality of service at CATNIX and to avoid that an undersized line, from any member, can diminish the service to the rest of the members. Thus, when mild congestion is detected CSUC notifies it to the affected entity, and when congestion is severe the affected entity is required to upgrade its capacity.


Switchers have a switching capacity of 1.44 Tbps in Campus Nord (CSUC-CN) and Itconic (CSUC-T) and 1.36 Tbps in bitNAP (CSUC-B), and have 48 fiber modules of 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps, expandable to 72 in Campus Nord (CSUC-CN) and Itconic (CSUC-T) and 56 in bitNAP (CSUC-B), and whose capacity can increase up to 40 Gbps or 100 Gbps. They also have redundant power supplies and ultradeep buffers to facilitate multimedia traffic without any loss, for example between ports at different speeds.


Every institution is connected according to the following table:

Name of the institution AS Equipment Access speed to CATNIX-switch Location
Acens 16371 Cisco 7206 1/1 Gbps CSUC-CN
Adam 15699 Cisco 6500 2/2 Gbps CSUC-T
Adamo 35699 Brocade MLXe 20/10 Gbps CSUC-T
Akamai 20940 n/a 10 Gbps/ n/a CSUC-T
Altecom 16030 Mikrotik CCR-1036 10/10 Gbps CSUC-T
Andorra Telecom 6752 Cisco 7609-S 10/10 Gbps CSUC-T
Anella Científica 13041 Cisco CRS 10/10 Gbps CSUC-CN
bitNAP 43578 Cisco 7600 1/1 Gbps CSUC-B
BT Telecomunicaciones 12541 (IPv4)
8903 (IPv6)
Cisco 7200 155/100 Mbps
1/1 Gbps
Claranet 8426 Cisco ASR 1006 1/1 Gbps CSUC-T
CloudFlare 13335 Juniper MX480 10/10 Gbps CSUC-T
Colt Technology Services 8220 Cisco 7206 1/10 Gbps CSUC-CN
CTTI 39551 Cisco 7206VXR 20/20 Gbps CSUC-T
e-Ports 199496 Mikrotik CCR1036-12G-4S 2/2 Gbps CSUC-B
Equinix 15734 n/a n/a / 20 Gbps CSUC-T
Eurona 49565 Cisco ASR1006 10/10 Gbps CSUC-T
Google 15169 n/a 20/20 Gbps CSUC-T
guifi.net 49835 Linux 20/10 Gbps CSUC-T
Hurricane Electric 6939 Brocade MLXe nx10 Gbps/10 Gbps CSUC-T
IMI 60314 n/a 1/1 Gbps CSUC-T
Jazztel 12715 Cisco 7600 2x2/2 Gbps CSUC-CN
LabelGrup 31479 Cisco 7200 n/a / 2 Gbps CSUC-T
Microsoft 8075 n/a n x 10/10 Gbps CSUC-T
Nexica 24592 Cisco 2691 1/1 Gbps CSUC-T
NTTE 2914 Cisco ASR 9006 n x 10 Gbps CSUC-T
Orange 12479 Cisco 7609 2/2 Gbps CSUC-CN
Orange Business Services 12386 Cisco 7200 1/1 Gbps CSUC-CN
RedIRIS 766 Juniper MX480 10/10 Gbps CSUC-CN
Sarenet 3262 Juniper M5 310 Mbps/1 Gbps CSUC-T
Sered 60458 Mikrotik CCR 1036 1/1 Gbps CSUC-B
T-Systems 30892 Cisco 7301 1 Gbps /1 Gbps CSUC-T
Telefónica España 3352 Cisco 7500 310 Mbps/1 Gbps CSUC-CN
Vodafone 12430 n/a n/a /100 Mbps CSUC-T
VozTelecom 29680 Cisco 7206VXR 2 /1 Gbps CSUC-T