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Welcome to CATNIX website, the Catalonia Neutral Internet Exchange Point.

This is an active platform whose aim is to provide citizens and companies with the best electronic communication services within the framework of the information society.


Iporium Networks upgrades its connections

Iporium Networks

Iporium Networks has upgraded its speed connection at CATNIX switch up to 200 Mbps. Since 2005 it was connected at 100 Mbps. Iporium Networks speed has also been upgraded up to 1 Gbps on the CATNIX access.


New RIPE Atlas probe installed on CATNIX

New RIPE Atlas probe installed on CATNIX

The CATNIX has a RIPE Atlas probe available on its facilities. RIPE Atlas is a global tool that measures thousands of nodes distributed around the globe. It makes pings and traceroutes, tracks network packets, and tests the state of the local servers' network.


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